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Oxygen based water treatments use low or now chlorine making them perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin

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All over the United States customers are demanding low chemical, natural solutions to maintaining safe clean pools.

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Tailored Solution

We work with distributors, buying groups and direct with brick and mortar stores to offer tailored solutions for your customers. There is massive demand for low or no chlorine water solutions and we can help you provide those solutions to your customers.

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Why Oxygen Water Products?

Customers want it…

Any water treatment program for swimming pools has one objective: to mitigate the growth of bacteria, algae, and waterborne viruses in the water.  This has traditionally been accomplished through the regular addition of chlorine and other chemical agents that eliminate organics from the water. However, there has been rising demand from pool owners for a gentler, less toxic method to accomplish this. Oxygen Pools uses a combination of solutions to provide products that work for both the pool company and end users.

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